Neo Fitnes is synonymous with Health & Fitness in India. It is one of the biggest chains of Fitness chain in the country with 40+ centres across the pan IndiaWe stand for world class standards, both in business practice and consumer experience. With our extensive understanding of the Indian market, comprehensive range of services, and diligent support and training, we ensure a strong foundation for your entry into the industry.Moreover, NEO has a system driven franchise model which has proven to be a successful business model,spelling a win-win situation to all partners.

Why NEO ?

  • One of the largest chain.

  • First chain in India to operate expand successfully on a franchising system.

  • Neo work continuously on innovative ideas.

  • Our franchise business model is profitable.

NEO s Role-

  • Assist in location selection

  • Provide Operating Manuals.

  • Staff recruitment training.

  • In house staff training.

  • Software’s & System Implementation

  • Guide the franchise in legal statutory requirements

  • Facilitate footfalls.

  • Provide regular training on latest trends techniques.

  • Guide on budgets for optimizing profits

  • Provide/recruit manager to assist franchise

  • Implement CRM initiatives

  • Support Media/PR activities

Our Flexible Formats

A)NEO Fitnes

Required Space :  Minimum space 5000 sqft

Investment : 80 - 90 Lakhs

Breakeven : 18 - 23 Months

B)NEO Fitnes-Studio

Requirement : Minimum space 2500sqft which includes

Investment : 40 - 45 lakhs

Breakeven : 20 - 30 months

C)NEO Obesity Clinic

Requirement : Minimum space 800sqft which includes hi tech

Investment : 25 - 30 lakhs

Breakeven : 7 - 12 months

 Join us!! and become a part of much larger family.