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NEO Club, nestled in the heart of Agra, is your gateway to an unparalleled lifestyle experience. A sanctuary of sophistication and comfort, NEO Club offers a range of exclusive membership services designed to cater to your every need.
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Located in Agra- The City of Taj, NEO Club is a multi-facility spot to enjoy amazing events and occasions. In addition to being a club, we are also the center of a thriving neighborhood, a place to unwind and have fun, and a venue for special events. This is one of the top-rated spots in Agra on the bucket lists of epicureans, sybarites, and all those who love luxury. Since the very beginning of the NEO Club, we have been striving to create a euphonic space that invites people from different tastes and interests to come under the same roof and enjoy pleasurable moments of leisure and occasions.

NEO Club Agra consists of 10 different sections under the same roof. Together, they orchestrate a narrative reminiscent of a lifelong journey, setting the stage for a multitude of future experiences. Our centrepiece revolves around the city's largest professional sound stages. At the same time, NEO CLUB also boasts a renowned culinary haven, an internationally acclaimed cocktail bar, an inviting wine-tasting lounge with a library-like ambience, an adjoining discotheque with an appealing interior and lightning, and not to be overlooked, a lush rooftop lounge.

What puts us in a different league

NEO Club is among the selected few clubs that offer a wide chain of services, including a pool-side restaurant. The best thing about us is our location itself, as most of the tourist spots in Agra are close to the NEO Club. Our fitness centre offers the widest range of services, like a post-workout steam as well as an all-weather swimming pool.
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Services that we extends

Party Lawn

Nestled amidst the enchanting Taj Nagri, Agra, NEO Club's vibrant party lawn is a verdant haven
where celebrations come alive, blending premium amenities and expert hospitality for unforgettable

Multi-cuisine restaurant

Embark on a global gastronomic journey at NEO Club's heartwarming Multi-cuisine Restaurant,
where flavors unite with elegance, and celebrations are seasoned with complimentary drinks and
top-tier service.

Pool-side Restaurant

Immerse yourself in luxury at NEO Club's poolside restaurant, where your favorite meals are tailor-
made in a chic, customizable multi-cuisine setting - simply visit, book, and enjoy.

Bar & Disco Theque

Have a sip of your favorite drinks and groove to disco beats at NEO Club's dynamic Bar &a Disco
Theque, a heaven of a diverse selection of Indian and imported brands.

Coffee Shop

Elevate your mornings with NEO Club's 24x7 coffee shop, where freshly brewed arabica coffee and
bestselling Iced Latte and Cappuccino await in a luxurious ambiance.


Savor sweet moments with NEO Club's tailor-made custom cakes and pastries, turning every occasion into a delectable delight, from birthdays to corporate gifting, featuring fresh muffins, cashew biscuits, and naankhatai.

Business Lounge

Welcome to NEO Club's cutting-edge business lounge—a hub for productive discussions, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, and fostering innovation, where old-fashioned networking formalities are left behind.

Activity Room

Discover the ultimate hub of fun and excitement within the club—a recreational activity room where
laughter, relaxation, and stress-free sessions await, perfect for friends and solo adventures.

Fitness Center

Unleash a holistic wellness lifestyle at our Fitness Center, where well-equipped workouts, Yoga,
Zumba, HIIT training, and personalized guidance elevate your journey to a stronger, healthier you.

All-weather Swimming Pool

Splash into year-round aquatic fun at NEO Club’s All-Weather Swimming Pool! A perfect spot for cool
relaxation and promising aquatic adventures. Join us for a swim that's always in season on amazing
discount offers and let the good times flow!

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