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The Neo Fitnes Academy is India’s First International fitness & wellness training academy,It covers a range of subjects to comprehensively address the requisites of fitness & wellness industry.

In India the trainers and the clients often compared fitness with Gym and Body Building due to lack of knowledge, which is not true. Actually, Fitness is a combination of Gym, workout, Lifestyle nutrition & Pain Management. Due to lack of knowledge, the trainers in India are not adequately paid as compaired to the foreign trainers working in India.

The Health and wellness industry has grown only 7% and it’s growing rapidly, but lacks the right people with right knowledge. The chances of growth are ample. So be serious about these courses & get highly paid and recognition in the fitness industry.

In today’s scenario ppl are not ready to pay 20 Rs/hr for the services as gymming & body building having similar set up as wellness and rehabilitation where they are paying 3000 Rs/hr .The reason being – Improper knowledge.

The many courses in India & Abroad do not have approach towards wellness & rehabilitation.

The Neo fitness academy promises you an orientation to bridge knowledge Gap that encourages the client to pay as much to an rehabilitation center

The courses are very well structured and monitored by qualified experts of Neo Academy. There are group discussions and one –on-one interactive sessions to stimulate and challenge the mind of trainers.

You learn more about movements and result oriented approach with our integrated, focused, and precise program.

Neo fitness Academy

The Academy promises the most rewarding careers available which will help you meet new people reach their fitness and sporting goals. The certification courses offered at NEO Fitness Training Institute shall prepare you for a kick start career in not only in the fitness industry but also in Hospitality and service industries across the world.

Benefits :

  • Initially You can earn anything between 15000 Rs/- 50,000 Rs/-
  • Be a Wellness / Sports coach that touches the lives , help increase fitness, stamina, appearance, body shape. Etc.
  • Areas Of Opportunities – Gyms, Fitness centers , Hotels , Hospitals , Wellness clubs etc.
  • Flexible Job – Inside the Fitness Center/ Hotels /Hospitals/ Personal Training.

Neo Fitness provides solutions customized to meet your needs

Understanding your requirements is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique experience.

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