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Do You Know ?

Animals and birds never catched by the killing slow progressive diseases which are very widely spread in human beings. Here specially I am talking about Monkey whose anatomy is very much similar to Human beings only difference of tail.

But here we can see that Monkey never ever get diabetic or any other killing diseases, in recent days few researchers has checked Covid 19 symptoms in Monkey and other animals of similar anatomy found quite far from killing diseases.

If we see the animals which human beings make them pet and change their living style according their comfort required Veterinary Hospitals Rest are enjoying.

So the question is why human beings are catched by all these diseases?  When animals of similar anatomy are not affected.   

THE reason behind is there eating habits all animals took their complete meal right in the morning and no meal after sun set also they sleep very early close to sun set. Whereas in our society we do meal anytime as per our wish may be late night ,late evening or any time, consume junk foods, work late night , get up late in the morning , no physical workout and much more this all land us in Health issues and we fight throughout our life due to our own mistakes. 

Our VEDAS, SHASTRAS and many other books advice to have complete Meal during morning not later than 10 am and no meal after sunset the max we can take Lukewarm water this will definitely keep us Health and safe during our journey.

Prevention is always better than, Medication So my Advice is

Eat Half, Walk Double & Laugh Four times and enjoy your Long & Happy LIFE

Himanshu Bhardwaj
NEO Fitnes


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