Outdoor Training Makes Exercise Fun

Fitness and exercise should be fun, social and most of all rewarding. These are all aspects of outdoor fitness. You will not need your iPod when outdoors as you will be working in teams and using the environment around you. Every workout is different and adapts the scenario that outdoors brings whether it be the field we work in or the weather. It’s always different and that’s what makes it successful.

Boot Camp

Our original and best outdoor Boot camp fitness class designed to work, tone and shape the entire body, and get you in amazing shape, fast! Refresh, tone and revitalize yourself at our outdoor fitness Boot Camp ,Tough, challenging and the most fun you will ever have as you burn up to 700 calories a class, we guarantee you will love them!

Our Boot Camp classes are designed to target every muscle in the body. Variety is the key with our unlimited variety that drives our success, every session is different to the last.

The combination of body weight exercises, fitness equipment and interval training, will not only rapidly improve your overall fitness, but will also help increase your strength, speed and flexibility, as you tone and condition your way to a new body.

Fight Club

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to NEO Fitnes Fight club… Strap up to punch, kick and sweat away the stresses and strains of the day with our most popular class. Put on your gloves and pads, and forget the issues of the day as your box, kick box, knee and burn your way through 60minutes of the most fun, intense workout you have ever experienced.

Fight club circuits are a complete mix of upper and lower body exercise routines, combining boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, bodyweight and self-defence combinations. Classes shape, tone and trim the entire body, using muscles you will not have known even existed! Lower stress and aggression levels, as you push your way through over 500 punch, kick and knee connection combos, and burn up to 700 calories a session. Classes are around 60 min with warm up session of 10 to 15 minutes.


The HiiT session is here! NEO Fitnes high intensity interval training full body workout classes, designed to take your body to its limit. High interval training aims to work you hard over a short period to give amazing results, fast. Training your body for short bursts forces it to adapt extremely quickly, boosting metabolism, stimulating muscle fibres and rapidly developing the cardiovascular system. Results are quick as you can expect to tap in to fat stores to become lean, toned and super fit.

Burning up to 800 calories a class, the effects of HiiT training are unique. An ‘Afterburner’ effect is created within the body, which as it gradually returns to its resting state results in the consumption of more oxygen, resulting in a higher inner metabolic rate.

Free Runner

FreeRunner running classes Boost your cardiovascular fitness and expand your heart and lung capacity, improving your performance for sport as well as everyday life. 60minutes of fun, intense running circuits and workouts. Breathe new life into your fitness and take your gym outside with free fitnessfree runner.

FreeRunner circuits combine ex-forces and athletic training drills. Circuits are a combination of mixed lower and upper body running and sprinting workouts, to specifically tone and shape the entire body whilst increasing endurance and all round cardiovascular function and output. Classes are designed specifically to improve heart and lung capacity and boost performance in sport and everyday activity.

FreeRunner is a mobile class, so please bring water and a good pair of trainers, but travel lightly. The group will move and work together as one, so everyone stays together as a team and no one struggles or gets left behind.Classes are around 60 minutes in total. With a warm up of 10 to 15 min.